Architectural planning and investment design

Complete investment planning – concept and schematic pre-design, technical design development and implementation plans

Project types +

  • single family homes
  • multiple family homes
  • commercial and administrative buildings
  • pre-design analysis
  • detailed side development plans

What is Included +

  • Architectural plans
  • Construction plans
  • Geodesy and land surveying
  • Water supply and sewerage
  • Power supply
  • Heating, ventilation and climatisation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Fire safety
  • Park planning and landscaping
  • Geological surveying
  • Temporary traffic management
  • Health and safety

Interior Design and reconstructions

Complete Interior Projects

Project types +

  • single room or small dwellings
  • multiple room housings
  • single family homes
  • office spaces
  • commercial premises
  • bespoke furniture design

What is included +

  • Conceptual orientation and pre-design
  • 3D visualisations
  • Technical design and implementation plans

We offer different service packages.

Project management

Cooperation and control throughout the entire project execution process

What is included +

  • Relations with suppliers, manufacturers and contractors
  • Organising the investment execution movements
  • Preparation of comparisons of all received proposals from sub-contractors
  • Site attending
  • Additional details preparation when needed

Virtual viewing

Creating a 3D visualization and animation of ongoing building sites or after reconstructions, aiming selling or purchasing.

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The virtual viewing service gives the client a clear vision over space and volume, as well as the functional planning of furniture and equipment corresponding to the purposes of the rooms.

Property investment consultation

Both public and residential properties

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You have a particular home or business property demands, your budget for renovation is limited and you are looking for properties up to your needs? You neither have knowledge about the regulations, nor experience in properties change of use? You can’t recognise potential hidden risks like roof leaks, or compromised construction?

The pre-property deal service we offer checks if the chosen property meets your ideas, plans and investment ambitions.

Investment control

Applied by a professional who represents the investor and protects his interests within the relations with the executive contractors.

What is included +

Main service activities are:
  • avoiding unwanted expenses and indecorous deals with contractors
  • controlling the quality of construction delivered by the contractors
  • controlling the quality of materials used
  • control over the construction execution proposals and payment protocols
  • control over the wholeness and content of architectural, constructive and project executive documentation
  • coordination and control over sub-contractors and the quality of work they deliver
  • linear scheduling control over deadlines
  • establishing organisational relations with the construction monitoring institutions, the construction technicians in charge of the building site, as well as the construction implementation process

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